Java To UML

Description :
The Java To UML project provides an importer to convert a Java Project into a UML model.
This plugin is a prototype and a lot of work and improvements can be done. Any contribution is welcome :)

The Topcased UML Editor can be used to display graphically the generated UML model : http://gforge.enseeiht.fr/frs/?group_id=7

Current version : 0.2.0
License : EPL v1.0

Download : http://gforge.enseeiht.fr/frs/?group_id=24

Development : http://gforge.enseeiht.fr/projects/java2uml/

For Eclipse 3.2 :
For Eclipse 3.1 :
Screenshots :

1. Converter Action

class diagram
2. The Class diagram created with the Topcased UML2 Editor